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What some of my lovely clients have to say...




Award Winner Actor, Writer, Producer - Ghetto Klown, Spicorama, Freak, Mambo Mouth...

"Really Incredible!!! A true professional and quite the grammarian! Rosie Rocks!


John Leguizamo


(Coached for Spanish)




Elementary, Madame Secretary, Bodega, the series: Rosie always helps me quickly to make new discoveries in the scene to project from my unique voice. Stronger choices in auditions always give me more confidence and Rosie's quick wit and experience always teaches me something new. I love feeling supported by an amazing coach and a true professsional! Thanks Coach!

Samuel (Sam) Gomez, Actor, Writer, NY

The Bridge, Sex and the City, Law & Order: "Not only does Rosie know the Craft, she is also perfectly bilingual, so I know my interpretation as well as my diction will be well taken care of.  She has the wits, unique sensitivity and razor sharp smarts to get it all out of you and helps you navigate thru the scene with a very comfortable and safe approach. Such a generous talent when sharing her knowledge.  I always feel good and confident after a session with her."


Emanuel Loarca, LA/NY





Penn State University, MFA: "I was blessed to work with Rosie as an actress and as my acting coach. Dedicated and passionate Rosie helped sculpt my monologues and scenes with her keen eye and pushed my work to its fullest potential. With her help and encouragement, I was able to see and think outside the box bringing me limitless satisfaction. Rosie is a unique acting coach constantly supporting but not afraid to give criticism where it’s needed. She is not only caring, generous, and nurturing but she also has immeasurable talent. She took me on a path to discovering and learning to trust myself and my choices to allow me to stand out as an actress. 


Malena Ramirez 

MFA Actress Penn State University.




Under My Nails, HBO Latino: "Rosie helps me sharpen my skills as an actor with technique and accent. She helps me to bring an honest approach to my audition.  She'll teach you do's and dont's applicable in Spanish and English. You will definitely feel more confident!  


Ivan Camilo.

Actor, NY/Santo Domingo - Film,TV and theater.



Multiple Award winner, Repertorio Español, IATI, NYC : "Whether in English or Spanish - I've never met a more bilingual person than Rosie, she can take you to the next level by bringing you back to the basics, the type of things that professional working actors sometimes take for granted and forget to work on. Analyzing the material, working on the part beat by beat, creating the right images to focus on, are only part of the techniques that Rosie uses to help you stay away from “acting” and instead live the 'moment to moment' while telling the story. Rosie pushes you to use your instrument in all its components: physical, mental and emotional, in order to create a character that is always real and theatrical at the same time."

Gerardo Gudino

Actor - Theater and Film

Queens College, School at Barnard, Professor/Writer: "I have worked with Rosie in several capacities and am always amazed.  I first met her as an actress when she was cast to tour with "Liturgias" one of my plays.  I witnessed her dedication and work ethic - an extremely sensitive and beautiful instrument.  As director of several of my readings I saw her sense of humour and generosity with the actors.  As a Latina she is proud to celebrate and share her talents in both languages. I highly recommend working with Rosie."

Profesor Nora Glikman

Queens College,  Teacher/Writer

AB Realty Investors, NH: Amazing!!! Real Estate is my life and I really needed to brush up on my spanish pronounciation and that expands my business. Being completely fluent in two languages is super impressive -  Rosie rocks! Gracias Rose! Looking forward to continuing. I Highly recommend! 

Lucy Grier

Real Estate Agent






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