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Rule # 5.  


Always tell the truth: Reacting truthfully in imaginary circumstances always engages the audience. Don't try to lie - they notice Everything. 

Rule # 9.  

Meditate to resonate resonate: Replenish your energy in meditation for greater resonance in work, love or play no matter who you  are or what you do.


Rule # 42


Have a strong code of ethics: Navigating what is right and wrong often call for a strong code of ethics in trying times.



Rule # 17.  


Realize that STAR is just a four letter word. Aiming high is good, but separating yourself from the crowd and shining authentically is what really matters.

Rules # 40 .  


Accept and Respect the process: Doing something two or three times doesn't make you an expert.  Respect the process, Take the time to train, learn and practice...step by step. 


Rule  # 55.  


Add the word Evolution to your mission statement: The natural flow of existence is to evolve, so remind yourself that even when nothing seems to be moving or everything feels backwards you can always take a small step forward.


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