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Most frequently asked questions.



Q.  Do you have a specific Method?

A.  No. I was trained in several schools of acting and I believe that real technique is finding what works for you - of                 course always supported by traditional tried and true principles. 


Q.  Do you work with people other than actors?

A.  Yes. My hope is that anyone who has any connection to a bilingual background, or anyone who wants to improve             diction in English or Spanish - actor or not, should be able to access that extra push and support an effective coach

      can  offer.

      I work with corporate types; Journalists, Bankers, Nurses, Producers, Athletes.



Q.  What is a session like?

A.  Depends on the need. If an actor is working on a monologue, we talk about the subject, character and what it

      will be used for. If an actor needs both technique and diction we divide the session in two.


      You can expect to (in one or two sessions):


       - Identify the conflict, dramatic action and obstacles. In other words to "Understand the scene". 

       - Have a clear picture of the character, his/her place in the story and receive support with strong substitutions.

       - Pin-point the precise moments where abilities can be showcased.

       - Refine diction, pronunciation, and enunciation when needed.


      For other professionals - We can work on: 


      -  Specific texts, speaches, presentations, interview scenario (Improv).

      -  Clarification of specific challenges of certain phrases or general accent/diction work.   

      -  Reading and conversation of text as well as tongue twisters for better practice.



Q.  How long is your session?

A.  50 minutes.      



Q.  How much is a session?

A.  My fees vary on a sliding scale starting at $65 and Up per session, and depending on what's needed. Discounts are         discretionary for more than several sessions or a small group.



Q.  Do you only work with bilingual people or Hispanic-Americans?

A.  Of course not. I work with anyone who needs coaching with acting and diction.  The people that should not

      come to me are those that have absolutely no training in Acting and those who do not have at least intermediate             level command of the language in which they wish to work. You must have basic training level and                                   understanding of acting language and technique. I help people improve their diction and pronunciation for better           characterizations and communications skills. NOT to learn a language or learn acting from zero. 



Q.  Why do you coach?

A.  My creativity and artistic expressions are always looking to expand; It's natural if you are constantly evolving.

      When you spend two decades doing something with love, discipline, enthusiasm and dedication you not only                   become good you also come to understand it well and the way it works - and to share it only makes it all

      the more powerful. I've been really fortunate because although I was born and raised in the US I have lived and               studied abroad and have assimilated strongly both cultures and languages. I believe that all good discipline that

      elevates must be shared and put to good use.  My motto is: If you are not being Useful - you're Useless.




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