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Striving to improve and evolve as an artist or any kind of professional really EMPOWERS the creative process and DOUBLES your chances for success in any area or any language.  Here are a few of my 100 recommended rules that serve as guidelines and are useful for artists, business professionals and athletes alike, to strengthen Acting,  and promote clarity in speech. My rules address topics on craft of acting, ethics, practical communication and spirituality. 

"Really Amazing!"  John Leguizamo - Actor, Writer, Producer. New York, LA


"Very Powerful, Smart and Generous insight into honest acting! Gracias! 

P. Murray - Actor / Producer / Photographer.  New York , LA



"Amazing! ... to realize that I couldn't hear my accent really blew me away. Rosie gave me easy and friendly tips that I use every day. Gracias!"

Madlynn Guzman - Industrial Engineer, (RTI) Rochester, NY 

"The extra push that a coach can offer is not just about sharing the responsibility or accountability, it's also about feeling supported and solid in our efforts to set, reach and celebrate new goals for improvement".   Rosie Berrido, May 2015 NYC

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​Some of the things I offer my clients: 

  • Support and guidance for stronger choices and discoveries in preparing for role/audition.

  • Accent work and reduction for the bilingual/hispanic talent in English and Spanish.

  • Fast, effective and friendly tips to anchor in more truthful acting from your unique voice.

  • Help with safeguarding speech and enunciation in both English and Spanish.

  • Tips for more present 'moment to moment' acting and listening.

  • Guidance for exploring meditation and relaxation techniques. 

My rules have been compiled during two decades as a professional/trained bilingual actress and inspired by traditional acting training and communication concepts that are fun-friendly tools for any kind of professional bilingual or not.


Featured in the PBS's Summer Series documentary "Tales from a Ghetto Klown". Commissioned to translate and adapt John Leguizamo's Broadway hit GHETTO KLOWN to Spanish, followed by extensive work with John in preparation for Latin American Tour. (2012-2013). Kicked off in Bogota, Colombia to rave reviews. 


Acting reviews

"Berrido shines in the role of caretaker, she can delight in the Spanish language with her inflections, humourous  tones with her treatment of words that are rich, full and true!" 

Megin Jimenez for (Letters to a Mother)


"Berrido delivered passive aggressiveness and aggressive aggressiveness in a way that left you frightened, intrigued and always wanting more."
Robert Del Rio for (Under my Nails)


"Berrido's shrewd portrayals of both Férula and a French count complete a movingly epic family drama."

Andy Propst for Backstage.(The House of the Spirits.)

Voice Samples


 Non-Fiction      Fiction


 English /Spanish      English/Spanish


With John Leguizamo (Actor)

and A. Engelman (Producer).


tour 2012.

With Benny DeJesus. Director/Producer of Tales

froma Ghetto Klown Documentary.

Winner of the Pan-Pacific

Film Award - Best Actress in Drama (2012). 

Featured on NUVO TV.  (2014). Nic Santana - Director.

Rosie Berrido is the Writer, Director Producer of a Trilogy about Dying with dignity, the first of which is Friendship (Starring Teresa Yenque and Mateo Gomez). Friendship is the recipient of several Awards including, Best Short and Audience favorite at LOISAIDA Short Film Fest. (2016) and Honorable Mention LOLA Award at the Philadephia Latino Film Festival (2017). 

College of Motion Picture

Arts & Science Special Mention. 

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